Today was very busy. Little too much to do for the weekend when you only have weekends to yourself; well I do have the weekdays but it's tough to settle your mind for mental labour after busy work and a long, tiring, trip home. You just want to wash up, dine, and hit the bed.

For fighting games:

Truly good players have good mindgames. To the intermediate and those reaching higher levels of understanding this seems simplistic; the player is just good at guessing right. He has good yomi.

However there are more nuances to it.

Good players will know that mindgames in fighting are not just about yomi. But before I go on it would be good to clarify by what I mean by yomi; I believe that the definition I employ is of common understanding to Singaporean players.

Yomi is about using your opponent's tendencies as a basis to predict the [I]conscious[/I] decisions he makes in a situation you put him in. For example, you use Akuma and sweep your opponent. You then proceed for a Tatsu/J.HK 50/50 cross up. You know your opponent has enough time (thanks to the jump and knockdown) to expect a 50/50 cross up, to make an informed decision on where to block. Your job, as a player is to exercise Yomi, by judging your opponent's character/knowledge/inflexibility etc., and making a prediction of the reaction he will select CONSCIOUSLY.

Seems obvious enough, yes? Yet I said that mindgames is not just about Yomi, in the sense just described. So what is the other aspect?

It is the reading of Habits.

Oh wow! Habits? That doesn't sound so different. Ah, but there is a difference.

Habits are unconscious. In fighting, in real life or whatever things can happen too quickly for any conscious decision making to take place. Many times, fighters just react in the way they've been trained to do so, or in a way that has helped them to escape damage most of the time.

For example, in VF or SF if i suddenly walk up and do a jab, do you really tell yourself:

"Oh dear! I just blocked a Jab. He can do a throw, or followup with a blockstring so I can't mash out, or go for a throw/tech punish. Or maybe he is a scrub and jump back out of fear of screwing up something. Or maybe he'd do a golden headbutt... Hmmmm my opponent is a very imprudent person so I think he'd just throw in panic."

I exaggerated it but I hope you see the point. Its hard to even think half of the above the moment you block a 3-12 frame jab. You just react by habit and good players will spot them and hammer them out of you. When the habits of weaker players keep getting displaced, they become disoriented and until they settle themselves, they can find themselves losing to the same person for a long time.

So I hope players begin to see when opponents react by habit or choice. Its hard to get results if you keep treating some situations wrongly. Understanding the psychology of your opponent in relation to his circumstance is VERY important and can only be gained through experience.

Oh, the last part. In GENERAL, Poking games in 3D games play on habit. In SF some elements of footsies are habit based, but its more mixed. In general, mixups on okizeme are moments of conscious decision making; and there is an unwritten law that the FASTER a game is, the more habit based it is a la Virtua Fighter.


Too much to do, too little time. Very cliche but very true.

Family obligations worsened my temporal struggle.

If I think harder I should finish things faster. That's just it.

Can't waste time no more.

Will be happy if successful and have to succeed.


Today was swell.

A friend made a breakthrough in life. I developed a good stand on it.

I had a good chat with another friend over dinner. It was hearty. The discourse was passionate.

Work was heavy in the afternoon. Thanks Kelvin for the help.

Vega in vanilla is exciting to play. Ultra 2 saves me a lot because it nullifies a lot of crossups; the opponent can be driven to play on the ground, making it easier to escape.

I love Vega's st.LK. I need to engage my opponent more though.

Pleasant day :)


Things did not go well at first because I woke late and had to rush for work and I really hate rushing in mornings.

Activity in camp was pleasant and smooth towards the end. I misplaced a key. No I flung it to an obscure place and people stayed back.

Our own scrooge had a bad fall. Even though he makes me irate, I wished for his recovery. Pain isn't pleasant.

Its the hungry ghost month now. What an ominous month.

I am interested in T.Hawk and will try him.


I'm going to commit myself here again.

It would be about games, observations and thoughts. Nothing private would be disclosed.

I have experienced a lot more with fighting games. As of today, my theories about it have changed tremendously. My current understanding makes my old post incoherent.

I might not put down everything about my knowledge of SC. Perhaps when SC5 comes out I'll do so. I hope it does. Its an underestimated series.

I have been playing lots of street fighter 4. It is a good game, with some small problems. Its good because its fun. I have been driven to do well in that game this year. I am still trying to understand the flow of the game more. With effort, my progress will be sure, though it would be most likely be slow. My learning pace is sluggish.

Wilson said I have no talent. Just hard work. Don't give me the 'talent of hard work' bull. I don't apply hard work to everything.

Have been reading Hemingway, Nabokov and D recently. Bliss.

This morning I saw a terrible thing in the train. It was beyond stupid. Who ever came up with that is a popinjay.

I can't call it an advert. It looked like an advert; it was not about a product, but a message. There were a series of them. The dumbest one was about littering and doing CWO. It had a handsome looking chap frowning. His speech bubble said something about littering being uncool. Something about CWO was mentioned.

I was disgusted because its implicit message was: Don't litter or I'd make you do CWO. You won't want that.

The approach is wrong. People should be educated as to why littering is bad. This 'fear' approach would not encourage the correct attitude to trash.

Perhaps the method of education might seem ineffective and slow. Yes I think we'd have to work much harder to educate the public properly. But we should never stoop low to use any threat. Its like giving up. Maybe that is extreme. I still think there is that vibe to it.

This thing breeds bad mentality and bad culture.

Dr. Tommy Koh or something. I really don't want to get his name wrong. I know the google search bar is up above but I'm lazy. I'm sure I'm right. He said we need to be more gracious. This thing won't get us gracious. It will bring us the other way.... whatever its called.

Dinner was good. The chinese restaurant at East Coast Road was pleasant. It freshened my day.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Taki omg haxxor!

I thought this character was really shit weak till i went to socal and played linc/motempest.

I promise that going against a good taki without any prior knowledge will give you a tumour (just to quote a bit of Aris lol).

The best part was that i was so confused that i returend to singapore not knowing a thing about what he did to me :)

HOWEVER, i have finally got down to do my homework and i'd like to share what i would consider her basic strategy!

Ok my taki is really PO based. like very very PO based. So if you don't like playing a lot of PO, then maybe you might find my opinions disagreeable.

In my POV, PO allows taki to play her 50/50 and her powerful options in her reverse mindgame!

Essentially a transition into PO allows taki to play reverse, which means to beat an incoming attack, by either hovering, PO stepping, backflipping or interrupting (with PO A/K). This way, most of the damage comes about.

for example, after 33A 214 PO is guarded, if the opponent were to do a 2A or any attack which does not have a good high hitbox, hover would be ideal! because taki has hovered over an opponent's attack, the opponent cannot step and guard low in time! they either eat a free hover A or B, depending on the attack duration of the attack that whiffed or they face a brutal hover nitaku!

If a linear attack is coming, PO siderun will evade lots of stuff. Whats more important to know, is that PO siderun, when hit out of, has no CH penalty!

If your opponent decides to just guard, and not do anything, for fear of any of the above happening to them, taki can play PO run mixups with POB and PORC throw. Or go on for more string variance :) IT really eats the soul gauge by the way.

Taki's damage is also really good! her damage conssitently reaches 70-80!

I find GI really important for taki because AB is really tough to reGI, and bombs hit post-GI alot easier. Plus GI contributes to her soul gauge game!

When the opponent's soul gauge is flashing red, taki can be said to have almost won the match! Bombs become a more powerful option, as opponents attepmt to GI more... Pokes also counter hit more often! That is not a good thing considering the speed, safety and damage of her pokes.

PO K is annoying. It is raelly not easy to shake out of when hit in the middle of a match. I feel its because our human reaction has problems recognising and then reacting in time to avoid getting hit by 3KK,AB or 3bK.

anyway, if you wanna play taki, you gotta take the game really really really fast. That means your inputs have to be tight and you have to think very quickly. Moreover, you need to be knowledgable of what your opponent's character will and can use to intercept taki's stance game!

next time, I'll add more ideas of the good transitions and stuff i like :)


Ok you guys might wonder why I'll make a separate post on this basic poke of Xianghua...

Its quite simple really... I have reason to believe that its probably the best 2K in the game :)

This is because of its additional evasive properties that allow it to have absurd applications!

2K leaves Xianghua in a very low state, allowing mids which are empty in their lower hitbox to whiff over her.

Here are a few examples:

Kilik: 6B, 4B, 1B, 1K

Hilde: 3K

Mitsu: 4B, 9K, 9B, 66K

Personally, I find that application of this move can really devastate some gameplans...

More on its properties...

1. Near unsteppable when X is at advantage.

2. CH +2 NH -4 G -14

3. Good range for a 2K


Examples of application:

Vs Mitsu:

When Xianghua is at advantage, 2K is going to destroy many of Mitsu's popular reverse options.
4B will whiff, giving Xianghua a free FC3B; 66K will whiff, giving her advantage or a free WSK; 9B and 9K will whiff; A+K and B+K will get stuffed on CH; Sidestep is going to get CHed; Jump wont guarantee anything. Mitsu is forced to either block low, or aim to GI the 2K.

This IMO is going to help Xianghua alot as Mitsu's options are effectively minimised when he is at disadvantage. This means that it becomes easier to force a two choice on mitsu with just this irritating low poke :)

I am still in the midst of discovering its applications so yeah, if any of you guys find somethign about it please share :) will be most grateful.

Hilde Vs Kilik

This is an interesting matchup.

Moves to punish on guard

22B -> AA/4B+K

1B -> 3K

46B -> AA

1A+B/3A+B -> WSK

22AA(A) -> FCC2B

22AB -> AA

4A+B -> AA

B+K 61B 41236B-> C3B/C2B/3BA/C3A/C2AA depending on charge. Aim to step to kilik's right to avoid everything!

The negative:

Kilik 1A+B/3A+B is not going to make charging a good idea for Hilde. Both of them do good damage, and are only consistenly broken with free buttons. Moreover, on block, Hilde only has WSK to punish kilik. Even if broken, there is Asura, 1B, 1K, 4B+K to worry about. As such, this move is very safe for kilik due to its low risk, and it is very powerful against charge happy Hildes... so it can greatly discourage hilde players from charging. IMO Hilde players who are uncomfortable with their normal attacks and rely almost exclusively on charges may find their game being ripped apart by just these moves.

Asura can deal with all charged attacks. Very annoying... and painful. Players who can do the JF asura consistently can give problems... as it allows hilde to only punish well with AA/4B+K.

Kilik has good range to compete with Hilde. This means that Kilik can easily punish a Hilde's whiffed C2As and C3As with moves like 22B, when Hilde is trying to space, by trying to use the wind up time provided by the opponent's movement towards her.

Kilik's command throws are nightmarish in small stages... They have insane RO capability, and they really hurt mid-ring.

Hilde cannot do as much damage to Kilik, as compared to the rest of the cast. Due to hitbox issues, C3A has the tendency to whiff in combos, hence reducing her damage potential from 100 to 67-76. Not too shabby... but still the damage counts... and RO is reduced as a result.. The full C3B combo can only land when FCC2B or C3B hit at tip or mid range.

The positive!:

Hilde has really solid kicks, and high pokes. This means that her poking game, can give asura less chances to work. This is especially through the use of moves such as 33K,3K,6K,AA and 4B+K which have strong properties.

A useful strategy would be to use 33K as a main mid option and whiff punisher against kilik to cope better against asura and movement of the opponent. This is so as kilik has a weak punishment for it, 6AA (+0 on hit), and at the same time, 33K can kill step to an extent, has excellent range. More importantly, on hit, a two choice between any big mid, low or throw can be issued to the opponent.

Hilde can whiff punish kilik well, due to her excellent range.

Raphael Vs Kilik


6BB and 3B make this fight alot easier for raphael, than for other characters.

3[B] Prep BB can punish long range moves like 6B/1B (which many characters have difficulty punishing on guard) on guard, and many of Kilik's whiffed attacks well.

6BB punishes many things, such as 11B and 22AB... leading to strong prep setups.

Kilik's attacks have high attack duration... meaning that 22B VE B:B is a suitable punisher for punishing his whiffs.

Kilik cannot punish AB, making the use of AB extremely favourable.

Raphael can punish asura well on guard, with 3[B] Prep BB, 33K:B... i am not clear on whether 66A+B can be used. I will have to test it out.

Kilik also has nothing that can intertupt Prep A and Prep B after SEA B on guard... as far as speed is concerned.

Because of Raphael's excellent range, and speed for it, I feel that mid/far range is very favourable when playing against kilik.

However, when up close, I find Asura less of a threat than 1B and WSB because my raphael is very kick based in such a situation... with 2K, 3K and 6K used often.


Asura dance is a threat to raph when trying to play SEA, SEB, VE and prep mid/throw mixups. To deal with it, highs out of these stances can punish asura. This means that VE B, SEA A, SEB K and Prep BB can be used to beat a predicted asura.

Kilik has high damage off his mid/throw mixup... with FOTD doing over 80 damage, and 4A+B B doing around the same. The good thing is that Raphael does not need to play close to kilik, and can play really well at mid/far range due to his better speed.. for the insane range he has.

Kilik's other evasive options such as WSB, 1B, 33A, WSK and 4B are also a threat because they reallly hurt, and have excellent evasive properties. The good thing is that Raphael has the range to punish some of them, such as 1B, really well... but the damage off kilik's evasion cannot be ignored.

Kilik is not to be looked down at close range when poking is concerned... with the presence of 1K, a stupid far 2K, 6AA and 66B... Raphael should aim to gain advantage to get to mid range where he fares best.

Please comment if you have different experiences/suggestions :)